Are you Prepared?

Prepare Your Home and Family for Severe Weather

Create a family disaster plan.
• Decide ahead of time where to go if you are at home, school, work, outdoors, or in a car when severe weather hits.
• Agree with family members on a designated place to meet if separated. Include a place directly outside the home and in your city or neighborhood.
• Designate a friend or relative outside the area as your contact if you are separated.
             Download the Severe Weather Preparedness Checklist
Know the difference between a watch and a warning.
•  WATCH – Conditions for severe weather are possible in the specified area with 36 hours.
• WARNING – Severe weather conditions have been reported by spotters or radar and are expected in the area within 24 hours.
Inspect home and yard for potential hazards.
• Remove outdoor items such as lawn furniture, trash cans, toys and hanging plants as they may become airborne during a storm.
• Trim or cut down weak trees and branches which could easily be broken off by high winds and damage homes.
• Keep rain gutters, outside stairwells, window well, drain lines and down spouts clear to prevent flooding in high rains.

Protect home's openings
•  Protect or cover windows, entry doors, sliding glass doors, garage doors and gable end vents.
Secure backup power
• Flashlights cannot power refrigerators and candles are fire hazards.
• The American Red Cross suggests that permanently installed stationary home generators are best suited for providing backup power to the home than portable generators
Download the Severe Weather Preparedness Checklist